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Protect your business against unforeseen risks and changes with smart, comprehensive policies.

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Access dozens of pre-written policies through an easy-to-use web interface wherever you are.

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Free up time spent dealing with office disputes by implementing policies everyone understands and acknowledges instead.

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Foster a great company culture with best-practice policies that are easy to implement.

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Stop letting poor policy management put your organization at risk. Restore order to your policy library with a centralized repository system that will save you time, improve compliance, and reduce the probability of regulatory penalties.

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Policy Template Library

Leverage more than 150 best-practice policy templates when you write a new policy.

Policy Management Software

The tool you need to simplify policy management in your organization.

Policy Advisory Services

Take advantage of our policy experts to refine your policy library and processes.

Policy & Procedure Management Software

Restore Order to Policies

Never again will your policies become out of date or scattered across the organization. From document creation through to retirement, myPolicies drives the document lifecycle, establishes individual accountability, and archives every step.

For Policy Managers

Empower policy managers to proactively take control of their documents.

  • Hassle-Free Implementation & Setup
  • 150+ Best-Practice Templates
  • Upload Existing Policies
  • Automated Assignment Distribution
  • Complete Version History
  • Track Incidents & Exemptions
  • Audit-Ready Reports

For Employees

Enable employees to find the policies, procedures, and forms most relevant to them.

  • Central Repository for All Documents
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Advanced Document Filtering
  • Full-Text Search
  • Ability to Voice Questions & Concerns
  • Downloadable Policy Handbook
  • Uses Existing Login Credentials

Advisory & Consulting Services

Kick-start your policy program

Our onsite engagements will get you immediate impact and results and are tailored to your situation and needs. Leverage the collective expertise of over 100 HR and IT analysts and get to action faster.

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Policy Management Assessment

Let's take a look under the hood

Assess the maturity of your policy management practices and recognize opportunities to improve process efficiency and reduce corporate risk.

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Benefits of Assessment

  • Measure and communicate policy management success to key stakeholders.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and track progress towards goals.
  • Receive tailored advice and insight based on your responses.
  • Justify the allocation of resources and effort towards policy management.
  • Review your scores with a policy expert during a results call.
  • Learn how myPolicies can advance your policy management maturity.
Maturity Report

Report Details

This assessment will analyze your processes across the entire policy lifecycle and provide maturity scores and insight for each of the eight key areas. The report provides the full context for your results by explaining the significance of each evaluation criteria, showing your status in each area and subcategory, and delivering customized advice for your situation.

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Policy Templates

Whether you’re writing a new policy or updating an existing one, myPolicies has you covered. We’ve been writing and refining our policy templates for over a decade to ensure they are comprehensive and easy to understand. Never write another policy from scratch with more than 150 road-tested policy templates at your fingertips.

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The policy experts and analysts from myPolicies, powered by Info-Tech Research Group, have written articles to help you learn more about best practices of the policy lifecycle. These articles will provide you with the tools to effectively write, communicate, and manage every step of the policy lifecycle.

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Software Pricing

Scale to fit your company

Your policy problems aren’t going away anytime soon and ignoring them is not a viable option. With per-user pricing, myPolicies is accessible to all organizations, big or small. Let our software, templates, and team of experts take care of all the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters most to your organization.

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All pricing in US funds.

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