Work with our experts to
transform your policy library

Advisory & Consulting Services

Kick Start Your Policy Program

Our onsite engagements will get you to immediate impact and results and are tailored to your situation and needs. Leverage the collective expertise of over 100 HR and IT analysts and get to action faster.

Policy Needs Identification Workshop

Find the right mix of policies for your organization

Every organization’s policy needs are unique and vary based on its regulatory environment, risk landscape and culture. Don’t overwhelm employees with too many policies or leave the organization unnecessarily exposed to risk by having too few. Our Policy Risk Mapping framework will produce a lean list of policies to mitigate the most significant risks facing your organization.


Custom Policy Writing

You probably don’t have a team of dedicated policy writers – but we do!

Whether you are starting from scratch, updating a set of policies or overhauling the whole library we can save your team time. Our analyst team will take care of eliciting policy requirements, drafting the content, and matching your organization’s style guide.


Policy Quality Review

Stop wondering if your policies are good enough and get a definitive answer

A poorly written policy that is inconsistent or contradictory to other policies in effect will often do more harm than good. Our team of policy experts will read your entire policy library and provide feedback on clarity, consistency and overall quality.


Policy Audit

Identify issues with your policies before the auditor does

Our legal team will work with your organization to understand your regulatory requirements and verify compliance against your policy library. At the conclusion of the audit your organization will receive a policy compliance scorecard and if necessary a set of recommended actions to rectify any issues.